19 May 2015

After more than 40 years in the dirt and more than 30 years of professional off-road racing, Rob MacCachren has won just about everything there is to win in the desert. His professionalism, work ethic, attention to detail, commitment and passion for off-road and desert racing is unmatched. He has set the mark year after year, decade after decade, for all other racers – old and young – to strive for. And since his win at the 2014 SCORE Baja 1000, he shows no signs of slowing down! With just 18 days until the 2015 Bud Light SCORE Baja 500, it is almost time for off-road racing fans around the world to once again have the opportunity to marvel at the effort and determination of Rob Mac! This is CONQUEST – featuring Rob MacCachren.

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23 Apr 2015

This week’s episode of GUERRERO features a brand new, exclusive interview with 2015 Bud Light SCORE Baja Sur 500 champion Lalo Laguna. Over the last 10 years, Lalo has worked his way up from a ‘pedal-to-the-metal’ teenage driver to become part of RPM Motorsports’ elite team of Trophy Truck racers. Hear him talk about his upbringing, his racing, and his dream to beat his idol Rob MacCachren. With brand new footage from his win at the Baja Sur 500, this action-packed program may well be the start of something BIG! This is GUERRERO – featuring Lalo Laguna.

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12 Feb 2015

BANNING MOTORSPORTS Debuts New 6100 Truck at BITD Parker 425

Parker, AZ (February 12th, 2015)- As Banning Motorsports rolled into Parker, AZ for the 2015 Best In The Desert, Parker 425, it became a reality as they were getting ready to debut their new 6100 Pro Truck. The Parker 425 has been apart of the series for generations and the season opener would see over 200 entries for the race. Championship points will start to be earned and this race would set the pace of what is to come for the year.

As the feature race for Banning Motorsports, they use this weekend to celebrate their past season. Inviting sponsors, supporters, fans, friends, family and team-members to their traditional after race dinner and party. Presenting plaques to their sponsors and team.

Banning Motorsports Parker425 PR1
“We had another stellar year in 2014 with the 1178 car winning another championship, the 1023 car tying for a second championship.” Stated Lee Banning Sr. to the entire party. “Stellar performance in the Baja 1000 with a 3rd place podium finish, and the 2488 car we were finally able to get the engine package sorted out and ready for the 2015 year.”

After much anticipation, Banning finally presented their new truck to the desert. Time Trials took place on Thursday prior to the race and this would be the first time BITD would have 6100 Pro Truck class qualifying. Banning Sr. qualified the new #6155 truck and was able to secure a 13th starting position.

Come race day Banning had a great start off the line around 8:15am. This year the morning sun was not an issue for them as they passed several trucks early on in the race. At race mile 30 they would be about 5th on the road. completing a flawless first lap, coming in to the main pit python they were only about five minutes behind the leader and eventual winner Brett Sourapas. After lap 1, Banning Sr. handed the truck over to Gary Williams.

Banning Motorsports Parker425 PR2
The team experienced a longer than expected pit stop due to fueling issues which would set them behind on time. The second lap Williams would began to experience fuel pressure problems that caused us to back down the pace. Williams who still managed to pass a few more racers would pull into the pit for the final drivers change after the 2nd lap. Banning Jr. would take over driving for the 3rd and final lap, but yet another long stop trying to figure out fuel issues would set them behind yet again. Banning Jr. was finally off and back on course. Other than the fuel pressure issues limiting the full power, the drivers and co-driver, Chris Godfrey, did a flawless job.

Banning Motorsports Parker425 PR3
The 2488 car with Bryan Folks and Tim Sullivan started out having a great day till around RM 98. Folks would miss a turn which would cause them to get off course, damaging the wheels. Folks would end up hurting his back and unable to continue. Sullivan moved to the driver’s seat and brought the car around to main pit on the right front tire. Adam Warren jumped in to co drive and the team would continue to the Midway pit where Rick Graf took over the driving duty’s the car. Still in the lead after all the problems Rick was charging hard when coming back to main pit and the vehicle would lose the transmission ending the day for 2488.

Banning Motorsports Parker425 PR4
Banning Motorsports team also supports the Melton motorsports 1023 car and changed a cv in under 8 minutes enabling them to win their class by 18 seconds.
Lee Banning Sr. would like to thank the entire Banning Team for another stellar day in the desert, you all rock!!!

Banning Motorsports Parker425 PR5
Banning Motorsports Parker425 PR Sponsors


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05 Feb 2015

The son of SCORE desert racing veteran Juan Carlos Lopez, 20-year old Apdaly Lopez is part of the new breed of SCORE champion racers. In a very short time, Apdaly has gone from a little kid racing ATVs to a sponsored Trophy Truck driver competing for the podium each and every race. Under the watchful eye of his father Juan Carlos and his sponsor Clyde Stacy and RPM Off-Road, Adpaly is poised to become one of the legends of SCORE over the next decade. In this exclusive interview, Adpaly talks about his humble beginnings growing up in Tecate, Mexico, his advancement as a racer, and the responsibility he carries as a representative of his country and his people. His passion for Baja is truly unmatched. This is Adpaly Lopez – a next generation Guerrero!

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22 Jan 2015

Exclusive interview with one of the truly passionate racers of SCORE – Cameron Steele. Johnny Campbell calls him “Baja’s greatest ambassador”. Dan and Luke McMillin call him “Mr. Baja”. Whatever nickname you give him, no one represents the sport of SCORE Desert Racing better than the Desert Assassin himself Cameron Steele. Find out why he races, what drives him and what Baja means to him. After an incredible 2014 that included a 3rd place finish at the SCORE Baja 1000, what’s the next CONQUEST for Cameron Steele? Enjoy and Share!

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26 Dec 2014

Josh Daniel BITD PR

Hot off his first win in the Twin Turbo Trophy Truck at the BlueWater Desert Challenge, Josh Daniel went in to the final race of the 2014 desert racing season with high hopes for a win at Best in the Desert’s Henderson 250. It was apparent after the two-day battle in Parker that the crew at Danzio Performance has mastered the prep work needed for an immaculate truck come race day. After a dominating performance the entire Henderson 250 race, Daniel underwent a seven-minute tire change with ten miles left that handed over the win to Jason Voss. Despite finishing +00:02:10 behind Voss, Daniel plans to carry the momentum in to next season and contest Voss for the 2015 BITD points championship.

Josh Daniel BITD PR 1

Speed, which may not always guarantee victory but will definitely land a top spot in qualifying, was on Daniel’s side during BITD’s Time Trials. He was second fastest in Thursday’s Time Trial event, granting him an inside starting position next to Shaun Croll.

The story remained Croll and Daniel for the entirety of the race. Both Josh and Croll immediately passed Dondel and it was Josh out front +00:01:27 after the first lap. About the same time separated the two at spectator area two on the second lap, then Daniel began to open all of his trucks thousand horses in the open desert.

Three flats punished Daniel on the day, the first coming midway through lap two where Croll took over the lead. Navigator Tyler Hall hopped out and immediately slapped on a new Toyo Tire and the two were able to catch Croll heading in to main pit, +00:00:56 behind on corrected time. Daniel passed Croll in the pits but was held by BITD Race Director, Casey Folks, after running his siren behind another competitor who was a lap down. Daniel did this in hopes for the other competitor to pull in to his pit, which he did, but was held at the start line, allowing Croll to pass him at the exit of the pit.

Josh Daniel BITD PR 2

“I was not happy so I did everything I had to do to pass him, which I did,” later commented Daniel. “This was the most exciting and fun fight I’ve had since Cameron Steele and I battled at Rage at the River five years ago.”

Daniel let loose and immediately took back the open air in a side-by-side battle in the opening miles of the final eighty-mile loop, with Voss, Laguna and Sproule lurking behind them.

Daniel was able to extend his lead on corrected time throughout the next sixty miles but with ten miles till the finish found a rock inexplicably buried in the sand. Coming up over a rise, Daniel punched the rock in the same line that he had taken the previous two laps. A quick tire change could have meant a photo finish but the sand was too problematic for Hall, causing the truck to fall from jack and making it difficult to maneuver. Seven minutes of downtime was enough time for Jason Voss to squeak by for the win. Daniel and Hall settled for a second place finish, as Croll faded down the leaderboard by that time.

Josh Daniel BITD PR 3

“The amount of down time we had and still managed to remain out front speaks volumes to both my truck and Tyler’s capabilities. Tyler kicked ass all day and my truck is crazy fast. Our communication inside the truck was impeccable and allowed us to get a lead big enough to hold even after two tire changes,” said Daniel. “Unfortunately, the last one was got us.”



Josh Daniel Sponsors Footer PR


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01 Dec 2014

What is the magic formula to Overall the SCORE Baja 1000 ?

You start out by being one of the most experienced off-road racers in racing and then partner yourself with two of your peers of equal talent. Rob MacCachren shared driving duties with his dream team of Jason Voss and Andy McMillin.

This isn’t Robs first Baja 1000 win. In 2007 Rob was part of the Riviera Team and won alongside of Mark Post and Carl Renezeder. This year he is driver of record.

As the race is still going on Steve Eugenio needs to finish better than 11th place or there will be a tie with Rob Mac for the Points Championship.


Team Rob MacCachren

During the night time Pit stop for Rob MacCachren


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01 Dec 2014

Here are some highlights of Bryce Menzies and Jesse Jones as they prepare to team up!

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14 Aug 2014

The Rough Riders were the ultimate off-road super team. Backed by both FORD and BFGoodrich, the desert and short course team dominated off-road racing for almost five years before they dissolved. Their impact is still felt today. Pretty much any off-road fan worth their salt has a Rough Riders poster hanging in their garage. As a way to celebrate the anniversary of the Rough Riders, Steve Olliges – himself a Rough Rider – wrapped his brand new Geiser Trophy Truck in the original Rough Riders paint scheme. Check out this magnificent Geiser Trophy Truck before it takes its maiden voyage at The Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno race. More information here.

Photography by Vincent Knakal of Mad Media






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17 Jul 2014

Get special behind the scenes access and never seen before footage of 2014 Baja 500 champ Bryce Menzies as he battles the field in this newly released video.


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